Astar (formerly Plasm)
FAQ about rebranding Plasm Network to Astar Network

Plasm rebrands to Astar Network in pursuit of becoming a Polkadot-native dApp Hub.

Welcome to our next chapter. Today, we are thrilled to announce a rebrand to our new name, Astar Network.

From Plasm to Astar Network

We have been developing Plasm for more than 2 years. Initially, our focus was solely to implement Layer 2 technology in Polkadot, but our vision has expanded. Layer 2 is now just one element in our innovative development pipeline. Currently, our platform is a dApp hub that supports Etherem Virtual Machine, WebAssembly, and layer2 solutions.
We will use this new brand name for our Polkadot Parachain, and the network will be deployed once we win the Polkadot Parachain auction.


Do I need to do anything?

No! We will take care of everything.

What about PLM tokens?

Just to reassure everyone, you don't need to do anything. We will handle everything during this rebranding. PLM ticker will most likely change to ASTA. Astar Network will use the same genesis file as Shiden's genesis file during the Polkadot auctions. In short, if you hold PLM tokens during Shiden launch, you will get the same amount of ASTA tokens. We will just rename the asset from PLM to ASTA.

What about Plasm? Will Plasm stop running?

Stake Technologies, the company behind Astar ecosystem, will not support Plasm anymore and will rebrand everything to Astar Network.

Will Shiden also get a rebrand?

No, Shiden will keep the name Shiden Network. A Multi Chain dApps Hub on Kusama!
Shiden Network - Multi Chain dApps Hub on Kusama
Shiden Network

Why do you hard-fork Plasm?

Technically speaking, when the Polkadot auctions start on Polkadot, we have to restart the network to adjust to the specification of Polkadot. When we launched our mainnet Plasm this information was not yet available.
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