Check Smart Contract
A short guide of smart contract evaluation.
The first step is to extract the correct Plasm address of a deployed contract. The correct contract address looks like the following.
Contract address deployed on Dusty network.
The address should be alphabetical and correctly imported into Address Book.
Please connect to Dusty or Plasm's portal
Click "Save"
The contract address has positive balance.
If you can see a positive balance, this means that your contract was successfully deployed.
The second step is to check whether the deployed contract is really a smart contract or not.
For this purpose, let's use a smart contract pallet like below.
Information about alive smart contracts on chain.
Call contractInfoOf and it shows a lot of information about the deployed smart contract like a codeHash, deployed block, etc. If this information is not empty then the given address is a really smart contract deployed on Plasm or Dusty.
Last modified 10mo ago
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