Calling Your Contract

Smart contract messages

We use "messages" to communicate with smart contracts. There are 2 types of messages:
  • messages that change a smart contract's state should be sent as transactions
  • messages that don't change a state can be made by using RPC calls
The Plasm Network Portal UI helps us to make RPC message calls automatically so you don't have to manually call them. You can see what is stored in the valuevariable in the smart contract is false. This is the intended behaviour as defined by our smart contract logic.
Next, let's change the smart contract state by sending a transaction that calls the flip() function.
As expected, the value that was stored in the smart contract changed from falseto true after the flip() transaction is successfully mined.
Using these two kinds of messages, your DApp can easily write and read the smart contract data. Have fun!
Any questions? Feel free to ask us.
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