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How to register your dApp in our dApp staking mechanism. First, you have to make sure that you meet the requirements:
  • dApp staking is for all live projects in our ecosystem. Just apply to this form to be added to our dApp staking portal.
  • To register a dApp, you need to have 100 SDN or 1000 ASTR tokens + gas fee in your developer's wallet.
  • Create/import your developer's wallet in the Polkadot JS extension.

Step 1

Deploy a smart contract in our ecosystem and verify the contract in our explorer. Deploy on Shiden if you want to join Shiden dApp staking, deploy on Astar for joining Astar dApp staking. You have two options for a smart contract:
  1. 1.
    Use one of your own smart contracts and verify that in our explorer.
  2. 2.
    The second option is only for those who don't deal with smart contracts. Deploy our helloworld.sol contract and provide all the information in the header of the contract.
Template contract:
builders-program/hellowold.sol at main · AstarNetwork/builders-program

Step 2

Go to our portal and click on + Register dApp:
Astar Portal - Astar & Shiden Network
Astar Portal - Astar & Shiden Network
Provide all the information in the pop-up window and press register. Keep in mind that your account needs to be whitelisted, and you have the needed tokens in the wallet that is registering the dApp.
When your dApp is deployed, we would appreciate it if you shared this with your community. We have created a template that you can use to write the article. You can find it here.
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Step 1
Step 2