Unbond your stake


Moving towards dApp Staking v2 the first new implementation is the unbonding period. In general terms, bonding is a process by which tokens are temporarily locked. Staking is one of the scenarios that require tokens to be bonded. Unbonding is the action of telling the network that you want to unlock these tokens. After the unbonding time, which is 5 days for Shiden and 10 days for Astar, you can withdraw the tokens, and they become a transferable balance. Please note that this is based on a perfect block production of 12s. In case of any delay, your unbonding period can be a little longer.
Astar Network
Shiden Network
Unbonding period: 10 days
Unbonding period: 5 days

How to unbond

Step 1

If you have staked on one of the dApps, you can now click on Unbond to make your tokens transferable.

Step 2

Select the amount you want to Unbond, and click on Max to unbond your complete stake. To sign your transaction click on Start Unbonding.

Step 3

Check your Chunks
Chunk display
Total Chunks and amount
What's a Chunk? A chunk is the number of different ERA's you want to unbond your tokens. Chunks do not equal the amount of unbonding on dApps you requested but the amount of different ERA's you unbonded your tokens.

Step 4

Withdraw your 'Chunks'. When your unbond period is over, you need to withdraw your funds by clicking on the withdraw button. Sign the transaction and your tokens will be made transferrable in your wallet.