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Deploy Contract on Shibuya and Shiden

Your journey is almost finished. At last, you will deploy your smart contract on Shibuya and Shiden respectively.

Get SBY token from Faucet

To deploy your contract on Shibuya, you need to get SBY token from Faucet first. The following page explains well how to get SBY tokens from the faucet. Please follow the instructions on the faucet page.

If succeeded, you can see some SBY tokens available on Metamask. Please do not forget to change the network to Shibuya on Metamask.


Deploy Contract on Shibuya

Now it's time to deploy your contract on Shibuya! But it's exactly the same as the local network deployment. Go to Remix, compile your code and deploy your contract. Please make sure that you can see the Custom (81) network under the environment field when you deploy.

After a few seconds, you can see that your contract has successfully been deployed on Shibuya 🎉You can also add deployed ERC20 token to Metamask.

Deploy Contract on Shiden

The last step is to deploy your contract on Shiden. But it is completely the same as the local and Shibuya network deployment. Please note that there is no faucet for Shiden because SDN, a native token of Shiden, has its economic value. The easiest way to get SDN is to buy it on crypto exchanges.

Next Step

Now you are the Dapps Developer on Astar/Shiden network 😎. To enjoy your journey as the dApps developer on Astar/Shiden, we recommend you to look over our official document. Also, please join our Discord to discuss the tech topic with other developers.