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For Stakers


Do you love to stake? Or do you want to support your favorite project by staking on their dApp? You can educate yourself by reading the documentation carefully. In case you have any questions, come and join our Discord channel.

Please take the following parameters into consideration:

  • The minimum amount to stake for users is 50 SDN or 500 ASTR.
  • You need to claim to receive your rewards, we recommend claiming for your staking rewards once a week.
  • There is a unbonding period for around 5 days on Shiden and 10 days on Astar. Please note that this is based on a perfect block production of 12s. In case of any delay, your unbonding period can be a little longer.
  • The staking rewards are shown in APY by default. APY option is available for stakers who have allowed compounding by turning on 'Re-stake after claiming". On the other hand, APR option is availble for stakers who haven't enabled compounding. The difference is that APR represents the annual rate simply for earning your stake but APY takes compounding into account.


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