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Ledger Astar/Shiden EVM on MetaMask

Using Astar and Shiden EVM Ledger apps with MetaMask


Astar EVM and Shiden EVM apps are now available on Ledger hardware wallet devices. This means that MetaMask users can now sign transactions for EVM accounts on those networks using Ledger Nano S (plus) or Ledger X devices.

This guide will show you how to set up Astar EVM and Shiden EVM on your Ledger hardware wallet and how to use it in combination with MetaMask.


Photos are taken using Nano S Plus device, and the example shows interaction with Astar EVM app, but the process is the same with Nano S and Nano X devices, as well as Shiden EVM app.


Your Ledger device is ready for use

Astar/Shiden network set up on Metamask

If you already have this, feel free to skip this part.

  1. In the MetaMask menu navigate to Settings → Networks, and click “Add a network”
  2. Enter following details for Astar:
    1. Network name: Astar Network Mainnet
    2. New RPC URL:
    3. Chain ID: 592
    4. Currency Symbol: ASTR
    5. Block Explorer URL(Optional):
  3. Click the “Save” button
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for Shiden network with following details:
    1. Network name: Shiden Network Mainnet
    2. New RPC URL:
    3. Chain ID: 336
    4. Currency Symbol: SDN
    5. Block Explorer URL(Optional):
  5. Close the Settings menu and from the dropdown select the network you wish to interact with

Install apps to your Ledger device

  1. Open Ledger Live app and navigate to “Manager”
  2. Connect your Ledger Device and unlock it
    1. If asked, confirm Ledger Manager on your device
  3. Search for “Astar EVM” or “Shiden EVM” in the app catalog
  4. Click install

After this step, you should have one or both of these apps:

Connecting your Ledger device to MetaMask

  1. In MetaMask menu select “Connect Hardware wallet:

  1. On the next screen select “Ledger” and click “Continue:

  1. Pair and connect your Device when prompted by the browser:

  1. Select an account you wish to connect and click “Unlock”:

  1. You should now see your account and balance:

Receiving tokens

To receive tokens, copy the address of your connected account by clicking your account name in MetaMask header, and send some tokens to that address from your preferred source.

Sending tokens

  1. In MetaMask click “Send” button and enter the address you wish to send to
  2. Enter the amount to send and click “Next”
  3. Connect your Ledger device and unlock it. Due to MetaMask limitations, it will prompt you to open Ethereum App. Ignore this and open Astar EVM app.

  1. When your Ledger device screen is showing “Application is ready”, click “Confirm” in MetaMask:

  1. Review the transaction on your Ledger device:

a) Check amount:

b) Check receiving address:

c) Check network:

d) Check Fees:

  1. Check the transaction result in MetaMask “Activity” tab.

Interacting with smart contracts

In order to interact with smart contracts, you need to enable blind signing in the Astar EVM app on your Ledger device:

  1. Open the app
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and confirm
  3. Confirm the “Blind signing” option, so it turns to “Enabled”
  4. Navigate to “Back” and confirm