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Deploy Astar Portal on Vercel


Submitting a staging URL whenever making a PR to Astar Portal from the forked repo is recommended. Here's what you need to know about deploying the forked Astar Portal repo on Vercel.

Deploying with Vercel

Deploying Astar Portal(built with Quasar Framework) with Vercel is super easy. All you have to do is to download the Vercel CLI and log in by running:

$ vercel login


Then proceed to build Astar Portal by running $ yarn build. After the build is finished, change the directory into your deploy root (example: /dist/spa) and run:

$ cd dist/spa
# from /dist/spa (or your distDir)
$ vercel

The Vercel CLI should now display information regarding your deployment, like the URL. That’s it. You’re done.


Obtain the deployed URL

After finishing deployment, you can open your Vercel dashboard for obtaining the deployed URL.