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Are you a project owner and want to list your dApp in our staking mechanism to earn rewards? Please read these guidelines carefully. If you meet all the requirements, you can just continue filling in this form so we can list your dApp.

Are you interested to join dApp staking on Shiden or Astar? Read carefully to see if you meet the requirements:


Astar is aiming to become a DAO in a couple of years. While moving towards becoming a DAO our dApp staking onboarding also includes passing our council. The process is to create your proposal to join dApp staking also on our forum after meeting the requirements below.

Astar Network

  • Your dApp is launched and live on Astar Network
  • Does your project contribute to Astar TVL, make sure you are listed on DefilLama.
  • List your project on DappRadar.

What about infrastructure partners?

You don’t have any dApp but you are providing infrastructure services to the Astar ecosystem. You also can be added to dApp staking. How to join:

  • You already have a long-term partnership with Astar and a close relationship with some projects.
  • You have a proven record in our ecosystem.
  • You have docs about how to use your tools in our documentation and in yours. You can add instructions to our documentation by creating a PR on our Github.

What about other projects who can't meet the above requirements?

You can't add your project to DefilLama because it's not generating any TVL, also DappRadar is not an option because there is no use of smart contracts? These are the current steps to follow:

  • Ambassador KYC, this is done with an AMA with Ambassador with video on.
  • Create a proposal on our forum and pass the council voting.
  • Active on Discord, post updates in our dedicated announcement channels.
  • Use the tooling we provide to track metrics later down your development.

Shiden Network

  • Your dApp is launched and live on Shiden Network.
  • Does your project contribute to the growth of Shiden it would be great to list your project on DappRadar and or DefilLama. This is not a requirement but it would help grow the trust for your project with our community.
  • Infrastructure partners who are contributing to our ecosystem and need to cover their costs can apply to our dApp staking mechanism on Shiden.