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Astar SpaceLabs: The Astar SpaceLabs is a separate arm within the BizDev department. The Astar SpaceLabs is led by our Community Leaders. This initiative aims to do due diligence on each project and support young developers & projects to launch in the Astar ecosystem. We have picked the Astar Community Leaders on their commitment to the Astar ecosystem and have adequate experience in the crypto industry.

Astar Degens: ASTAR DEGENS DAO - Incubating promising projects and bringing new ideas to the Astar Ecosystem with the help of a community-governed DAO fund. Astar Degens is a community without hierarchy. Where impactful action is incentivized and rewarded. We welcome all ideas equally, and value productive effort. As a community, we help realize the value of supportive cooperation within the blockchain space, by encouraging fearless participation within the Astar Network.

Astar Troopers: Astar Troopers aim to unite vastly different projects and groups and create activities that they can all participate in. The NFT that will be available is a way to identify oneself with our mission: to be innovative and collaborative with each other. Besides being a NFT project, it is also a place where you can learn about different NFT projects and jump into them if you are interested.