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Transak is a developer integration that lets your users buy cryptocurrency in your app or website.

With Transak you can onboard mainstream users into your dApp, protocol, game, or wallet app and also increase your revenue. We handle all of the KYC, regulation & compliance, fiat payment methods, and crypto coverage.

Whether you're just starting your project or a large established firm looking for a fiat on-ramp, integrating and customizing Transak is an easy process. The simplest technical integrations can be done in just 5 minutes.

Getting Started

Follow their handy guides to get started on exploring and integrating Transak as quickly as possible.

Partner Onboarding Process

This guide lays out the end-to-end steps for onboarding with Transak and integrating in order to let your users start making live transactions:

Onboarding and Integration Process Overview

Jump right in and start playing around

Want to explore and see what's possible with Transak first before onboarding? You can set up an account and create a demo integration in just a few minutes.

There are additional guides on using the Partner dashboard.