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Add assets to Astar Portal

Once a channel is opened between parachains and assets have been registered, developers can create a PR on Astar Portal Github, to have their assets added. Here’s what you need to know about the integration of the XCM assets into Astar Portal.

Define the Parachain Information

  1. Add the Chain name for the Chain enum.

  2. Add the parachain id for the parachainIds enum.

  3. Add the chain metadata for the xcmChainObj object variable.


  interface XcmChain {
name: Chain;
parachainId: parachainIds;
relayChain: Chain;
subscan: string;
// Note: an image URL address for the chain logo
img: string;
// Note: websocket endpoint for connecting to the parachains API
endpoint: string;
// Note: `true` if ASTR/SDN is listed on the parachains
isAstarNativeToken: boolean;

const xcmChainObj = {
[Chain.STATEMINT]: {
name: Chain.STATEMINT,
relayChain: Chain.POLKADOT,
img: '',
parachainId: parachainIds.STATEMINT,
endpoint: 'wss://',
subscan: '',
isAstarNativeToken: false,

Define the Asset Information

Add the asset information for the xcmToken object variable.


interface XcmTokenInformation {
symbol: string;
logo: string;
originChain: string;
isNativeToken: boolean;
isXcmCompatible: boolean;
// Note: Asset ID on Astar/Shiden
assetId: string;
// Note: Asset ID on the origin chain
originAssetId: string;
// Note: this amount should be at lest higher than the Existential Deposit on the origin chain
minBridgeAmount: string;

const xcmToken = {
[endpointKey.ASTAR]: [
symbol: 'USDT',
isNativeToken: false,
assetId: '4294969280',
originAssetId: '1984',
logo: '',
isXcmCompatible: true,
originChain: Chain.STATEMINT,
minBridgeAmount: '0.21',
[endpointKey.SHIDEN]: [
symbol: 'KAR',
isNativeToken: true,
assetId: '18446744073709551618',
originAssetId: 'KAR',
logo: '',
isXcmCompatible: true,
originChain: Chain.KARURA,
minBridgeAmount: '0.11',

Define Methods for XCM Transfers and Fetching Asset Balances

  1. Create a class (Repository) that inherits from the XcmRepository class and define the logic under getTransferCall and getTokenBalance methods (e.g.).
  2. Export the Repository class in /src/v2/repositories/implementations/index.ts
  3. Add the Repository at XcmRepositoryConfiguration object variable.

Requirements for creating a PR

  1. You've tested deposit and withdrawal functions on Astar Portal.
  2. Deposit and withdrawal functions have additionally been tested with the minBridgeAmount.
  3. You've tested withdrawal of assets to accounts that have 0 balance of the assets being withdrawn (to check whether minBridgeAmount is higher than Existential Deposit defined on the origin chain).
  4. You've included Subscan link(s) to the XCM transaction details, for each of the assets you've registered.
  5. And finally, have deployed the forked app, and submitted the staging URL ref.