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Buying ASTR on a DEX

There are a few DEXs that are built on Astar Network. Arthswap is one of them. Arthswap is built on EVM, therefore we need to interact in the EVM environment.

Setup MetaMask

Go Metamask extension -> Settings -> Network -> Add Network

Use this Custom RPC Network: Astar RPC: Chain ID: 592 Symbol: ASTR Explorer:

Bridge Ethereum Assets To Astar Network

To buy ASTR, you need to have other assets which you can use to swap. One way to do that is to bridge your Ethereum assets such as wETH, USDT and USDC to Astar Network.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Bridge” and you will be taken to
  3. Go to “Transfer”, select “From Ethereum” and “To Astar” and connect Metamask.
  4. Select the asset that you would like to bridge e.g USDT.
  5. Click “Transfer” and you will have USDT on Astar Network.
  6. You will have to pay the bridge fee and you will also receive some ASTR tokens for gas fees which you need when interacting on Astar Network.


Swap On Arthswap

  1. Go back to and connect Metamask wallet.
  2. Select swap USDT to wASTR and enter the amount you want.
  3. Execute the swap and sign the transaction.
  4. Now that you have wASTR, you can swap it to ASTR.
  5. You now have ASTR tokens in your wallet.

After having ASTR if your Metamask, you can send it to Polkadot.js if you want to dApp stake. Please refer the previous tutorials.