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Sending ASTR/SDN from exchanges to our portal

Currently, $ASTR and $SDN are listed on tier 1 exchanges. One of the FAQs from our community is how to withdraw the token from exchanges.

First, create a new wallet or a new multisig wallet and withdraw some tokens to it.

Use Astar Native address

Astar supports both Polkadot native virtual machine and Ethereum virtual machine. Therefore, Astar has 2 different addresses. We are trying to make our user experience as easy as possible. If you have any feedback, please send us on Discord.

Please go to the Astar portal and connect your Polkadot.js. If you haven't installed Polkadot.js, please do install from here.


Once you connect to the Astar portal, you will be able to see your address and amount.


Make sure to copy your Native address. This is your address that you should use when you withdraw ASTR/SDN from exchanges.


In case you have any problems. Join our community and our Ambassadors will support you. Please remember that we will never DM you first! If you get approached by someone pretending to be part of the team, do not trust them.