Participating in DOT Festival
Now that you are ready with your DOT in EVM on Astar Network, this section will explain how to participate in DOT Festival.
DOT Festival consists of 3 events each of which lasts for 7 to 10 days. In each event, one Defi protocol on Astar Network launches its DOT-related pool.
The 2 main contents of DOT Festival are:
  • Total of 6,000,000 ASTR bonus reward
  • Increased reward for farming on DOT-related pool of each Defi protocol
For the first content, 6,000,000 ASTR will be distributed to 3 events and ASTR reward will be rewarded to those who staked in a specific pool during each event period.
For the second content, all you have to do is stake on DOT-related pool and you will be able to receive higher rewards than usual.
In the first event, ArthSwap will launch its WASTR/DOT pool.
In the second event, AstridDAO will launch DOT collateral and Arthswap will launch USDC/DOT pool.
The last event and Grand Finale of DOT Festival comes with 3M ASTR bonus rewards!
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