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Quick Start

Astar is a collection of networks and tools providing:

  • Native support for Wasm and EVM-compatable smart contracts
  • Advanced cross-chain features through Polkadot's XCMP
  • Swanky Suite - developer tooling for writing Wasm smart contracts in ink! (Rust-like syntax) and ask! (TypeScript-like syntax)

The Astar ecosystem has two mainnets and a testnet:

  • Astar - a parachain connected to the Polkadot Relay Chain
  • Shiden - a parachain connected to the Kusama Relay Chain
  • Shibuya - a standalone testnet

Network Endpoints

Developers can connect and interact with the network via HTTPS or Websocket endpoints on the network nodes. Check out Network Endpoints to get your own endpoint and API key from one of the supported providers.


The faucet is accessable via the Astar portal, instructions can be found here.
Developers can also use chaindrop faucet here, instructions can be found here.

Astar account scheme

Astar is the only smart-contract parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem that supports multi-virtual machines (Wasm and EVM). Resultingly, managing multiple types of accounts can be non-trivial. Read more about Astar's account structure in our documentation.


If you want to start building WASM based dApps right away we encourage you to check out Swanky Suite - the all-in-one tool for WASM smart contract developers which self-contains a dev node ready to be run locally on your computer.

If you are ready for developing on our testnet/mainet please check out following pages: