Joining from Math Wallet
For KSM/DOT holders who are going to join the auctions from Math Wallet.

How to get Math Wallet?

If you don't have Math Wallet, feel free use its web application or download the app:
Math Wallet, Your Gateway to the World of Blockchain

Step1: Create/Import your account in Math Wallet

Once Math Wallet is prepared, open the app and Create/Import an account.
For Importing an account, you can use the mnemonic phrase/seed or restore JSON from another app/mobile wallet.
For Creating an account, please keep the mnemonic phrase/seed of your account carefully. You can choose to either transfer KSMs from your old address, or purchasing KSMs from Math Wallet's Buy/Sell section with fiat, or withdraw KSMs from centralized exchanges to your address.

Step2a: Go to the Auction section and Contribute! (Web)

Click on "Auction"(it is actually for the crowdloan) on the sidebar and select Shiden Network.
Enter the amount of KSMs that you hope to contribute, carefully review and confirm.
The reward SDN tokens will be distributed to the cloud wallet, with a 2% handeling fee from Math Wallet side.

Step2b: Go to the Auction section and Contribute! (Mobile App)

Last modified 6mo ago