Collator Requirements
There are multiple ways to set up a server where you can run your collator node. Just make sure you understand the purpose of a collator and the responsibilities.
We recommend you first read the documentation about running collators.
Recommended configuration:
  • System: Linux (macOS possible)
  • CPU: 4 cores
  • Memory: 8-16 GB
  • Hard Disk: SSD +80 GB
NOTE: Shibuya is the perfect network to test out your knowledge about running nodes in the Astar ecosystem. To join the collator set on Shibuya you need to apply for a 32k SBY fund.
The requirement to get the fund:
  • Your node is visible on Telemetry.
  • On-Chain identity is required with your Discord ID in the field of 'Legal Name'.
  • Node is fully synced with the Relay Chain and Shibuya network.
  • Uptime of 14 days!
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