Mainnet collator guide
The Astar Network ecosystem has 2 mainnet parachains:
  • ​Astar connected to Polkadot
  • ​Shiden connected to Kusama
We have permissionless onboarding for collators if you meet our requirements, you can spin up a collator by bonding:
  • 3 200 000 ASTR on Astar
  • 32 000 SDN on Shiden
We also have a program to become a whitelisted collator for most supportive community members who have a proven record running collator nodes inside our ecosystem:
  • Operators who have maintained a Dusty and Shibuya collator node for a long time can get whitelisted on Shiden.
  • Operators who have maintained a Shiden collator node for a long time can get whitelisted on Astar.
If you never operated a collator node, we strongly encourage you to spin up a Shibuya collator node to start before thinking about mainnet. You can join the #collator-lounge our Discord to find out the latest news and support.
From April 2022, a slashing mechanism of 1% is implemented. Make sure you know very well how to run and monitor your collator to avoid financial loss!

Chain Specifications

Connect to Astar

Polkadot/Substrate Portal
Astar Polkadot.js portal

Connect to Shiden

Polkadot/Substrate Portal
Shiden Polkadot.js portal

Build a collator