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Network RPC endpoints

Public Endpoints


The free endpoints below are dedicated to end users, they can be used to interact with dapps or deploy/call smart contracts.

They limit the rate of API calls, so they are not suitable for a dapp UI scraping blockchain data constantly or an indexer (like the Graph).

To deploy a production dapp, please refer to the Run an archive node section or get own API key for free/paid tier from one of our infra partners

Public endpoint Astar
Parent chainPolkadot
HTTPSAstar Team: https://evm.astar.network
Alchemy: Get started here
BlastAPI: https://astar.public.blastapi.io
Dwellir: https://astar-rpc.dwellir.com
OnFinality: https://astar.api.onfinality.io/public
Pinknode: Get started here
Automata 1RPC: https://1rpc.io/astr, get started here
WebsocketAstar Team: wss://rpc.astar.network
Alchemy: Get started here
BlastAPI: wss://astar.public.blastapi.io
Dwellir: wss://astar-rpc.dwellir.com
OnFinality: wss://astar.api.onfinality.io/public-ws
Pinknode: Get started here
Automata 1RPC: wss://1rpc.io/astr, get started here