Develop and Deploy your first smart contract on Astar/Shiden EVM


In this tutorial, you will learn how to develop and deploy your smart contract on Astar/Shiden EVM.
This tutorial is aimed at someone who has never touched Astar/Shiden EVM before and wants to get basic but comprehensive understandings of deploying smart contract on Astar/Shiden EVM.
This tutorial should take you only 30mins. After 30mins, you will be a dApp developer on Astar/Shiden EVM! To complete this tutorial, you need to:
    have the basic knowledge of Solidity and Polkadot;
    be familiar with software development and CLIs;
    be ready to use Metamask;
    be able to access Discord, Remix, and Polkadot Explorer.

What you can learn and do in this tutorial

    Learn about Shiden and its test and local networks.
    Run Astar as a local standalone node.
    Configure your Metamask.
    Deploy smart contract on your local network.
    Get the test token from the faucet.
    Deploy smart contract on Shibuya, a test network of Shiden.
    Deploy smart contract on Shiden.
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