Staking on dApps

How to stake

Step 1

Go to our portal: and click on 'Store'.
Make sure you are connected to the correct network.
Shibuya Network: testnet
Shiden Network: mainnet on Kusama
Astar Network: mainnet for Polkadot

Step 2

Look for your favorite project. You can click on the name to see more information about the project. Another great resource is looking in our forum.
To add your staking amount, just click on 'Stake' in the box of your favorite project.

Step 3

Add: you can add more SDN in dApp staking.
Unstake: you can now claim your SDN back.
Claim: claim your rewards. Every ERA you can claim for your rewards, please note that it doesn't have to be you to press claim. If the dApp owner or anyone one else from the stake pool press claim, you also will get your ERA rewards.
Last modified 17d ago