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Is there a step by step guide on how to deploy smart contract in the Astar ecosystem?

Yes, you can follow this tutorial within our documentation.

Can I use Remix or Hardhat for smart contract deployment?

You sure can.

What are the names of the native tokens in the Astar ecosystem?

SBY (Shibuya - Testnet tokens)

SDN (Shiden Network)

ASTR (Astar Network)

How do I connect to Astar networks, RPCs, Network name, Chain ID?

You can visit this page.

How can I get test tokens (SBY)?

Use our faucet.

Is it possible to import Substrate (Polkadot) addresses to Metamask?

No. Polkadot (Substrate framework) uses a 256 bit address, while Metamask uses a 160 bit address.

Can I interact with EVM contracts by using existing Substrate account (non-ecdsa)?

Any Substrate account can call the EVM, and its Native address will be mapped to an EVM compatible representation.

I was able to deploy contracts in other networks, but contracts deployed in this network show "out of gas" error with the error code of 0. How do I fix it?

Contract size limits may differ between networks, so it is recommended to lower optimizer runs of the same smart contract and adjust it to a compatible size for the network. You may want to tune this on testnet.

During contract deployment I'm getting HH110: Invalid JSON-RPC response received: 403 Forbidden error.

That means your requests are limited by Astar endpoints. You need to set up your own node or use another endpoint provider.