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Wasm Smart Contracts

Wasm Smart Contracts

The Wasm section covers the Wasm stack on Astar/Shiden, some more advanced topics, and contains a few tutorials to help you build and deploy Wasm smart contracts.

If you would like to start building right away, we encourage you to check out Swanky Suite - The all-in-one tool for Wasm smart contract developers within the Polkadot ecosystem.

📄️ DSLs

Embedded Domain-Specific Languages (eDSLs), are tools used to improve the blockchain and smart contract development experience by making it easier to write and understand code. EDSLs are programming languages or libraries that are designed to be used within the context of another programming language, to provide a more expressive and intuitive way to write smart contracts. In other words, an eDSL allows developers to write smart contracts at a higher-level, which makes the code easier to read and interpret, and less prone to error.