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XCM Tools

We've prepared an xcm-tools crate which provides an easy way for users to find a sovereign account or calculate an XC20 asset Id. This section is intended for developers or integrators who possess basic technical knowledge.


  1. Make sure your machine is capable of compiling Substrate code. For more info, check here.
  2. Clone Astar repo
  3. Position yourself in repository root and run cargo build --release -p xcm-tools
  4. After compilation finishes, check the ./target/release folder for the xcm-tools binary
  5. Store it for later use so you don't have to recompile it from scratch.

Sovereign Account

For finding a parachain's sovereign account address on the Relay Chain, use the following command:

./xcm-tools sovereign-account 2006

Replace 2006 with the parachain Id you require.

For calculating a sibling parachain's sovereign account address, use the following command:

./xcm-tools sovereign-account -s 2006

E.g. this will be the sovereign account address of Astar on Statemint. Replace 2006 with the parachain Id you require.

XC20 Address

For calculating an XC20 EVM address, use the following command:

./xcm-tools asset-id 42424242424242
pallet_assets: 42424242424242
EVM XC20: 0xffffffff000000000000000000002695a9e649b2

You can also input a standard asset Id (as seen by pallet-assets), and it will output the H160 address of that asset.

Remote Account

For calculating the remote account, see (here), we have provide a dedicated command. However, the possible MultiLocations format is limited to:

  1. { parents: 1, interior: X1(AccountId32{ network: _, id: 0x<id>}) }
  2. { parents: 1, interior: X2(Parachain(<parachain_id>), AccountId32{ network: _, id: 0x<id>}) }
  3. { parents: 1, interior: X2(Parachain(<parachain_id>), AccountKey20{ network: _, key: 0x<id>}) }

For the first case, use the following command:

./xcm-tools remote-account -a 0x84746218b9858233f45f99d742aa3ea2f31aeb5a525938f240fdee3000000000

The value under -a is a SS58 public key.

For the second case, use the following command:

./xcm-tools remote-account -p 1000 -a 0x84746218b9858233f45f99d742aa3ea2f31aeb5a525938f240fdee3000000000

The value under -p is parachain Id, while -a is again the public key.