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Build on Astar

Why build on Astar?

Astar is an interoperable blockchain platform for the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems supporting both Wasm and EVM smart contracts. Astar provides native access to Polkadot and Ethereum through its parachain slot and Layer 2 scaling solution, while also offering bridges to other major blockchain ecosystems.


Astar network's innovative Build2Earn program allows developers to earn a basic income while they build out their products and communities. Users are able to support projects by staking on them, which adds to the passive income developers earn and forms the basis of an unstoppable grant. Build2Earn encourages projects to stand out and provide value directly to end-users. See the dApp staking section for more information.

Wasm smart contracts

See the Wasm chapter for more information.

EVM smart contracts

Solidity developers feel right at home building on Astar in both the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems. See the EVM or zkEVM sections for more information.

Secured by Polkadot and Ethereum

Polkadot and Ethereum networks provide some of the best security guarantees in the web3 industry.