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dApp Staking

What is dApp Staking

dApp staking on Astar and Shiden Network introduces a novel approach, empowering individuals to nominate their ASTR or SDN tokens to support dApps building on the network.

For every block produced on the network, a segment of inflation is specifically allocated to dApp staking. These rewards are then divided between the dApp developers and stakers involved, offering benefits to both developers and stakers.

As a dApp gains popularity and attracts more stakers, the developers stand to receive a greater share of block rewards. Importantly, the dApp staking program is inclusive, accommodating projects utilizing EVM and Wasm technologies, along with zkEVM dApps.

For a more detailed explanation of dApp Staking, refer to the comprehensive presentation in the Learn section.

User & Developers guides

In the following sections, you'll find all the help you need to interact with dApp Staking as a staker or dApp owner.

You will also find guides for dApp Staking V2 for reference until the full transition to dApp Staking V3.