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For Developers


Discover dApp Staking, a unique mechanism that allows communities to support their favorite teams by staking ASTR or SDN with them. When staking ASTR or SDN on a dApp, users not only support the development of innovative apps but also receive staking rewards from inflation.

You can educate yourself more by reading the technical documentation about dApp Staking.

Are you a product owner and want to list your dApp in our staking mechanism to earn rewards?

Please take the following parameters into consideration and make sure you meet the requirements:


Before reading the dApp Staking section for dApp owner, make sure you understand the concept of periods, subperiods and eras, as well as the dApp Staking V3 parameters explained here.

Tier System and Rewards

dApp Staking introduces the concept of a tier system for dApps. It's important to fully understand the tier mechanism before proceeding with dApp Staking application and registration as a dApp owner.

Currently, there are 4 tiers with a limited number of slots per tier. Tier capacity for dApp staking is calculated at the start of each period based on the ASTR price as described here.

The slots allocated to each tier can be viewed on the dApp Staking Page of the Astar Portal.

At the end of each Build&Earn subperiod, dApps are assigned to a tier based on the total value staked on them by users. Each tier has a threshold that a dApp must reach in order to access it.

The threshold for tier 4 is fixed, but for the other tiers, the threshold is dynamic and calculated at the start of each new period based on the total number of slots for the period. To find out more, click here.

Rewards for dApps are also dynamic, fluctuating from tier to tier. The higher the tier, the greater the number of ASTR tokens allocated from inflation as rewards for that tier.

The rewards of a tier are divided between all available slots and distributed to the dApps occupying slots. This means that the rewards for dApps within a tier are the same for each dApp, even if not all slots within a tier are occupied.

Refer to the dApp staking parameters page to find out more about the tier system and reward allocation.


You have to claim your rewards to receive them. We recommend that you claim your rewards at least once a week or, optimistically, 2 or 3 times a week.



  • Tier 1 has 5 slots for dApps and 50,000 ASTR tokens are allocated as a reward;
  • At the end of the voting subperiod, only 3 slots are occupied by dApps in Tier 1 ;
  • These 3 dApps will each receive 10,000 ASTR as reward;
  • The remaining 20,000 ASTR tokens will not be minted by the network and will be considered burnt;

If there are more dApps eligible for a tier than there is capacity, the dApps with the higher score get the advantage. dApps which missed out on a higher tier get priority for entry into the next lower tier (if there still is any).

In the case a dApp doesn't satisfy the entry threshold for any tier, even though there is still capacity, the dApp will simply be left out of tiers and won't earn any reward.


In the event that a dApp is unregistered from dApp Staking following a governance decision, all developer unclaimed rewards will become unavailable. We recommend that dApp owners claim their rewards regularly.

In case you have any questions, please check the FAQ page in the Learn section or join our Discord channel.

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