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For Stakers


Do you love to stake? Or do you want to support your favorite project on Astar Network or Shiden Network?

Discover dApp Staking, a unique mechanism that allows communities to support their favorite teams by staking ASTR or SDN. When staking ASTR or SDN on a dApp, users not only support the development of innovative applications but also receive staking rewards from inflation.

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Before reading the dApp Staking section, make sure you understand the concept of periods, subperiods and eras, as well as the dApp Staking V3 parameters explained here.

Basic Staking Rewards:

dApp Staking rewards are generated only if tokens have been staked on a dApp for at least one full Era, and are distributed during the following Era (Era+1);


Staking today earns rewards as of tomorrow (next era), that become available to claim the following day (two eras from when staking began).

Similarly, dApps joining a tier today start accumulating rewards tomorrow (next era), that are distributed the following day.

For stakers, the APR is the same for everyone, regardless of which dApp they stake on;
For dApps, staking rewards depend on the Tier system, dApps are classified by rewards tier based on the amount of tokens staked by users.

Rewards must be claimed before staking or unstaking. (When using the Astar Portal, rewards are automatically claimed before staking)

When a project is unregistered from dApp Staking, staked tokens on that project still receive basic rewards for the duration of time they remain staked.


Tokens are ineligible for rewards during the Unlocking period, when being unstaked from dApp Staking.

Bonus Staking Rewards:

When users stake on dApp(s) during the Voting Subperiod and maintain the same number or more tokens staked through the entire Build&Earn Subperiod, they become eligible for the Bonus Reward.



  • User stakes 1500 ASTR on dApp A and 1000 ASTR on dApp B during the Voting subperiod.
  • During the Build&Earn subperiod, they don't move or unstake tokens from dApp B or dApp A.
  • When the next Voting subperiod begins, the user is eligible to claim the Bonus reward for dApp A and dApp B.

During the Build&Earn Subperiod, if an user unstakes tokens from a dApp, they become ineligible for the Bonus Reward for that dApp.



  • User stakes 1500 ASTR on dApp A and 1000 ASTR on dApp B during the Voting subperiod.
  • During the Build&Earn subperiod, 500 ASTR is moved from dApp B to dApp A so there is 2000 ASTR on dApp A and 500 ASTR on dApp B for the rest of the subperiod.
  • At the end of the subperiod, User is eligible for the Bonus reward for dApp A but NOT for dApp B. This is because the number of tokens staked on dApp B are now less than the amount staked at the conclusion of the Voting subperiod (500 < 1000 ASTR).
  • Even if the user stakes an additional 500 ASTR on dApp B to reach 1000 ASTR again, the qualifying period for the Bonus reward has concluded until the start of the next Voting period.

Bonus rewards for a period can only be claimed after the period finishes.


  • Never stake 100% of your tokens! It's good practice to always maintain 10 ASTR or 5 SDN tokens as a transferrable balance so there's always enough in your account to pay network fees (gas) required to claim staking rewards.
  • Staking rewards MUST be claimed. We recommend claiming rewards once a week.
  • Unstaked tokens are subject to a unbonding period during which they are locked. The amount of time tokens are locked and ineligible for staking rewards depends on the specific network. Consult the page here for more information. Please note that this is based on a perfect block production time of 12s. In case of any delay, the unlocking period is longer.

If you have any questions, please consult the FAQ page in the Learn section or join our Discord channel.

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