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Startale Web3 Service


Startale Labs is a web3 tech company developing multi-chain applications and infrastructure in collaboration with Astar Foundation and large enterprises. The company also conducts R&D and incubation based on industry experience and connections developed in collaboration with Astar Network.

Startale Web3 Service (SWS) provides an Astar EVM/zkEVM Node RPC Endpoint, a powerful tool designed to enhance the Web3 experience that is now available for developers to utilize.

About Our Service

Startale provides a standardized Blockchain API service that encompasses all facets of web3 development infrastructure. With respect to Astar EVM/zkEVM, users can create endpoints that grant access to the majority of RPC methods necessary for dApp development and interaction with the blockchain.

Users of Startale Web3 Service have the ability to utilize the API for free within certain constraints. When more advanced features are required, paid subscription plans are available, or you can reach out to us to establish a customized plan that better suits your requirements.

Public Endpoint

Startale provides a Public Endpoint for Astar zkEVM. Users can utilize the API for free within certain limitations.

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Getting started

Here you should provide a step-by-step tutorial about how developers can use your solution on Astar.

  1. Visit the Landing Page.
  2. Fill out the Google form and provide the required information.
  3. Receive your API Key by email.
  4. Check out the technical docs.