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Astar Hacker Guide

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What is this Guide all about?

This guide will navigate you through the Astar Documentation to jump start your development journey. We are aware of the complexity of the subject and want to encourage and support you on your Web3 journey. This Astar Hacker Guide can be used for:

  • General Dev onboarding on Astar.
  • Preparing participants for Astar centric hackathons.
  • Onboarding new team members for teams building on Astar.
  • Onboarding new Astar team members.

Your Developer Background

To follow this Hacker Guide you should have basic programming understanding. The programming languages used throughout this guide are Rust, Solidity and Javascript. Your previous knowledge of them is not mandatory but it will be useful if you add some basics under your hacker's belt.

How to use it

This guide is divided into 2 tracks with the mandatory General chapter.

  1. General - must know basics. Nodes, interactions, accounts, Environment
  2. Wasm smart contracts - build, deploy, test, interact
  3. EVM smart contracts - build, deploy, test and interact

Each section has assignments and questions which will help you to understand what is expected from you.