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Wanchain Bridge


A guide on how to transfer native Tether USDT between Astar, Arbitrum, Avalanche C-Chain, BNB Chain, Ethereum, OKC, Polygon, Wanchain and Tron using USDT XFlows.

About USDT XFlows

USDT XFlows is a decentralized cross-chain solution that enables native-to-native cross-chain transfers between blockchains where USDT is natively minted by Tether. XFlows leverages the power of Wanchain’s cross-chain bridges to provide easy, non-custodial transfers between chains without the need for centralized exchanges or wrapped assets. Find more information on Wanchain product page.


Native USDT contract addresses:

USDT @ Arbitum: 


xcUSDT @ Astar:


USDT @ Avalanche C-Chain:


BUSD @ BNB Chain:


USDT @ Ethereum:


USDT @ OKX Chain:


USDT @ Polygon:


USDT @ Tron:


USDT @ Wanchain:


Native Tether USDT vs. xcUSDT on Astar

Tether issues USDT, the blockchain industry’s biggest stablecoin by means of total market capitalization, on Polkadot’s “common good” generic asset parachain, Statemint. By leveraging XCM, Polkadot’s cross-consensus communication protocol, native Tether USDT can be transferred to parachains like Astar as “xcUSDT”. xcUSDT is more versatile than wrapped USDT and can be used for both Wasm and EVM projects in the Astar ecosystem.

How to bridge native Tether USDT from Ethereum to Astar EVM

This section shows how to bridge native Tether USDT from Ethereum to Astar.

Note: Cross-chain transactions from other EVM networks such as Arbitrum, Avalanche C-Chain, BNB Chain, Ethereum, OKC, Polygon and others follow the same process.

Step 1

Visit the Wanchain Bridge web portal. Initiate a cross-chain transaction to move your $USDT from Ethereum to Astar.

Select “USDT” from the drop-down menu. Choose “Ethereum” and “Astar” as your From and To networks respectively. Finally, input your destination address in the Recipient field as well as the amount of $USDT you want to send. Click Next.

Confirm that the “Recipient” address does not belong to a centralised exchange then click “Confirm”.

Confirm that all the details are correct then click “Confirm”.

Step 2

Wait for your cross-chain transaction to complete. It is now processing.

While your cross-chain transaction is processing, the status will change three times:

Processing (1/2) Processing (2/2) Success

Step 3

Confirm the receipt of your funds. Your cross-chain transaction is complete!

Once your cross-chain transaction is complete, you’ll see your $xcUSDT balance on Astar. The cross-chain transaction status will display as Success.


If you have any questions, feel free to join any of our communities and our Ambassadors will assist you. And remember that the Astar team or Ambassadors will never message or DM you first!