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Getting Started

Astar is an interoperable blockchain platform for Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems supporting both Wasm and EVM smart contracts. Astar provides native access to Polkadot and Ethereum through its parachain slot and Layer 2 scaling solution, while also offering bridges into other major blockchain ecosystems. Through the #Build2Earn program, Astar offers a basic income to dApp developers, and direct funding to projects through an unstoppable grants program.

Overview of Docs

  • Build - Provides the resources you need to start building, testing, deploying, and interacting with smart contracts on Astar network.
  • EVM - Dives deeper into the EVM on Astar and explains how EVM smart contracts can interact with non-EVM modules and the Wasm virtual machine through precompiles.
  • Wasm - Provides an overview of the Wasm stack on Astar, Wasm contract frameworks, and Swanky Suite.
  • dApp Staking - Earn tokens for yourself and your dApp by staking tokens and registering your dApp with Astar’s dApp Staking.
  • zkEVM - Contains everything developers need to know to start building on Astar's Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum.
  • Nodes - Explains how to run full nodes, collators, indexers, and everything else related to infrastructure.
  • XCM - Explains how XCM is used in Astar and also how developers can use it to interact with the rest of the Polkadot network.
  • Integrations - Provides relevant information about the wallets, indexers, and oracles that are integrated with the network.
  • Docs Integration Request - Provides information about how to make a documentation integration request for this repository.

Audit Reports

A comprehensive list of finalized audit reports of Astar Network's codebase is available on GitHub - Astar Network Audit Reports