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Hack EVM Smart Contracts


Read the linked chapters or use tutorials to be able to answer following questions:

Setup MetaMask and Remix

  • Did you install and connect your MetaMask to Shibuya? Which Chain Id did you use to setup Shibuya Network in MetaMask?
  • Connect to browser IDE Remix using this tutorial
  • Does your environment look like this:
  • Can you say what does Custom (81) network mean?
  • Deploy and test smart contract from Remix tutorial.
  • What is the contract's address?
  • Can you find ABI for the contract?

Start using Solidity

Since it's inception, Solidity has become mainstream language for smart contract development. There are many good tutorials to start learning Solidity and one of the popular places is Crypto Zombies.

Setup Hardhat and Truffle

The Truffle and Hardhat are preferred tools to develop, deploy and test smart contract. For this guide we will pick Hardhat. Setup your Hardhat environment using How to use Hardhat to deploy on Shibuya.

What is next?