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Here comes the fun! Time to build your own dApp. Here you will find a list of ideas to implement in any of the smart contract environments.

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Ideas to build

These ideas can be implemented as WASM or EVM smart contract. Main intention is for the ink! developers.

Pool Together

Explore this project and build your own version in ink!


Use Ink! v4 with Swanky-node to develop a smart contract which allows people to vote The rules are:

  • Contract owner initializes a set of candidates (2-10).
  • Lets anyone vote for the candidates.
  • Each voter is limited to only one ote (per address).
  • Displays the vote totals received by each candidate.


Use Ink! v4 with Swanky-node to create a virtual pet smart contract, allowing users to create, interact with, and trade virtual pets securely and transparently on the blockchain. Create Tamagotchi: The smart contract should allow users to create a Tamagotchi object with attributes such as hunger, happiness, and energy levels.

  • Interact with Tamagotchi: Users should be able to interact with the Tamagotchi object by calling functions to modify its attributes, such as "feed", "play", and "rest".
  • Implement Rules: The smart contract should enforce rules and restrictions to prevent users from overfeeding, neglecting, or exploiting the Tamagotchi object.
  • Track Lifespan: The smart contract should track the Tamagotchi object's lifespan and trigger events such as death, rebirth, or evolution based on its age, level, and behavior.
  • Support Multiple Tamagotchis: The smart contract should support multiple Tamagotchi objects, each with its own set of attributes and state, and allow users to own, trade, or exchange them.

Charity Raffle

Use Ink! v4 from Swanky-node to develop a smart contract which allows people to enter a charity raffle. The rules are:

  • A user can send in anywhere between 0.01 and 0.1 tokens.
  • A user can only play once.
  • A user is added to the pool with one submission, regardless of money that was sent in.
  • There can be a maximum of 2 winners.
  • The raffle must go on for 15 minutes before a draw can be initiated, but the 15 minute countdown only starts once there are at least 5 players in the pool.
  • Anyone can call the draw function at any time, but it will only draw a winner when the 15 minute timer has expired.
  • The draw function can be called twice for a maximum of two winners.
  • The winners get nothing (it’s a raffle for a real world item, like a t-shirt, so ignore on-chain effects of a win) but they need to be clearly exposed by the contract, i.e. the list of winners has to be a public value dapps and users can read from the contract.
  • The collected money from the pot is automatically sent to a pre-defined address when the second winner is drawn.

Happy coding!