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Test Tokens

A faucet is the site/place where you can get test tokens. Faucets are available for all Shibuya accounts and empty Astar and Shiden accounts. Use them to make sure your wallet has enough assets to cover the cost of deployment and pay transaction gas.

Let's look at three ways to get SBY for your Shibuya account.


This guide will also work for ASTR and SDN assets on Astar and Shiden networks.

Astar Portal

To access the faucet visit the portal, and click on the Faucet button.


Then, click the I'm not a robot checkbox, and click Confirm.


Astar Discord Server

Once you join the Discord Server, you will be able to see the #shibuya-faucet channel.


In the #shibuya-faucet channel, please type /drip, and click on network.


Select the network.


Click on address and paste your address.

6 7 8

If your inputs are valid, you will receive SBY tokens from the faucet.


Chaindrop Portal

Faucet is currently only available for Shibuya.
To access the faucet visit the chaindrop portal, and select Shibuya from the token list.


Paste your wallet address in the beneficiary field.
Click the I'm not a robot checkbox, to validate the Captcha.


Click Send Me to recieve SBY in your wallet; the amount recieved will be displayed.
Click on the success link to view your transaction on explorer.