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Astar zkEVM Quickstart Guide

Astar zkEVM is a zero-knowledge scaling solution for Ethereum that offers an EVM-equivalent environment on which existing EVM smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets can work seamlessly. Astar zkEVM harnesses the power of zero-knowledge proofs to reduce transaction costs and increase throughput, while inheriting the security of Ethereum.

Solidity developers are right at home on Astar zkEVM. Simply switch to the zkEVM RPC, and start building!


No special tools or wallets are required to build or interact with Astar zkEVM.

Developers can deploy existing contracts from other EVM chains to the zkEVM, and users are able to deposit assets from Ethereum to transact on the zkEVM in batches, which are ultimately finalized through novel use of zero-knowledge proofs. Native account abstraction means developers can craft user interfaces that are more intuitive and web2-like, that eliminate complexity and drastically simplify the onboarding process.

Connecting to zkEVM


Astar zKatana testnet and its related documentation are under active development.

All feedback is welcome and highly appreciated, so please report errors or inconsistencies to a team member or as an issue on the Astar Docs Github repo, thank you.

To add Astar zkEVM or any testnet networks to your wallet manually, enter the following details :

RPC URLChainIDBlock Explorer URLCurrency

To add the network to MetaMask you can either use the data above, or find a link to add the network at the bottom of the respective block explorer page.

Bridging Assets

The next step is to bridge assets from Ethereum → Astar zkEVM.


Astar's canonical zkEVM Bridge does not inherit any counterparty risk compared to 3rd party bridge services, and is trustless at the protocol level.

Deploying Smart Contracts

The development experience on zkEVM is seamless and identical to the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Developers building on zkEVM can use their existing code and tools to deploy on zkEVM, and dApp users will benefit from higher transaction throughput and lower fees. Read more about deploying smart contracts on the zkEVM here.

Astar zkEVM Support for Developers

Developers requiring support can open an issue on Ethereum StackExchange and tag it with Astar (preferred) or join the Astar Discord server.

Ethereum StackExchange
  1. Join the Ethereum StackExchange here.

  2. Create a new issue.

  3. Make a detailed explanation of your issue.

  4. At the end add a tag Astar to trigger Astar team.

Astar Discord server
  1. Join the Astar Discord server here.

  2. Accept the invite.

  3. Take the Developer role under #roles.

  4. Navigate to the Builder/#zkevm-learning channel.