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Hack Wasm Smart Contracts


Read the linked chapters or use tutorials to be able to answer following questions:

Setup ink! Environment Chapter

  • Which cargo version are you using?
  • Run rustup show command.
  • Run cargo contract -V. Is your cargo contract version higher than 1.5.0?
  • Which rust toolchain do you need to use to be able to compile ink! smart contrats? (nightly or stable)? How do you manage this choice?

Test Tokens Chapter

  • Did you claim Shibuya tokens? How many SBY tokens did the faucet provide to you?
  • Can you unit test ink! smart contract without running test node like Swanky-node?

Run Swanky Node

  • Start your Swanky node and connect polkadot-JS UI to it. Please note that for Swanky node there will be no node production if there is no interaction with it.

Please note that the current version of polkadot-JS is broken for contracts because of lack of support for Weights V2. Until that gets resolved please use our custom built polkadot-JS UI or Contracts-UI.

From Zero to ink Hero Tutorials

Depending on your confidence, use any of these tutorial. If you are just starting, the Flipper contract is the way to go.

  • Your task is to deploy the contract from the tutorial to Shibuya Network.
    • After you build contract notice where the .contract and metadata.json are created.
    • Deploy Contract using Contracts-UI.
    • What is the contract address?
    • Do you have any method that requires payment to be executed?
    • Use Polkadot-JS UI to reload same contract you just deployed using Contracts-UI.

What is next?