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Nodes Supporting Contracts

Local Development Nodes

Swanky Node

Swanky Node is a local development node tracking the Shiden network.

Swanky Node is the best choice if you would like to develop your contract & test it in your local environment, prior to deploying it on Astar/Shiden mainnet.


  • Consensus: instant-seal and manual-seal
  • dApp staking enabled
  • Chain Extensions

You can find the Github repo here.

Substrate Contract Node

Substrate contract node targets Substrate master. It is the best choice if you would like to try the latest (or unstable) features of ink! and/or pallet-contracts.


  • Targets the latest Substrate master
  • Consensus: instant-seal

The Github repository can be found here.

Testnet Node: Shibuya

Shibuya has nearly the same chain specifications as Shiden & Astar mainnets, and provides an ideal environment for developers to test and debug their smart contracts, prior to launching their dApp on mainnet.

Shibuya's pallet-contracts has unstable-feature so you can use features from ink! that are flagged unstable in pallet-contracts.

To get the latest information and test tokens from the Faucet, consult Shibuya's official docs.

Mainnet Node: Shiden

Wasm contracts are live on Shiden. You can interact with them in the same way as you would on Shibuya.

Mainnet Node: Astar

Wasm contracts are live on Astar.