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Create a Multisig Wallet

This tutorial serves as a guide to create a multisig substrate wallet.

Add contacts

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Accounts -> Address Book
  3. Click + Add Contact and add all the contact addresses that you want to include in the multisig wallet.
  4. For example; Bob, Charlie and Dave.


Create new wallet

  1. Go to Accounts -> + Multisig
  2. From the available signatories, select the ones that you want to include in the multisig.
  3. Add a threshold. A threshold of 2 means a minimum of 2 signatories are required to sign the transactions.
  4. Give the multisig wallet a name.
  5. Click "Create".


Test the wallet

  1. The multisig wallet is created.
  2. To test the multisig wallet, it is recommended to first use Shibuya testnet. You can get SBY faucet from by connecting your own wallet.
  3. After getting the SBY faucet, send the SBY tokens to the multisig wallet and then you can start playing around.